Why choose a keyboard phone?
Many people like to send text messages on their mobile phones. With the popularity of smart phones, everyone uses mobile phones as small laptops. They usually browse the web and listen to music in their spare time. The ones with the highest usage rate can be regarded as those of MSN. Instant chat tool, so not only can communicate with friends at any time, but also save a lot of phone bills.
However, those who choose keyboard mobile phones prefer the physical mechanical sense and the enjoyment of the operation and sound of the typing process. The classic retro style makes everyone love it. At the same time, the keyboard phone consumes less power than other smartphones and lasts longer, making it suitable for work and play.
But the traditional numeric keypad is obviously not efficient enough for people who often use MSN to send text messages, so a full-keyboard phone that doubles your productivity is essential.
Our mobile phones TITAN SLIM and TITAN POCKET have dual keyboards, black business atmosphere, and support touch screen function. Equipped with a smooth processor, whether it is playing games or watching movies, the picture quality and color are very outstanding. At the same time, you can also jump to your most commonly used software with one-click settings, which is very convenient and fast.